Monday, May 23, 2011

Supreme Grand Commander

The Rite of Perfection has now been formed. Consisting of the original Clermont Three Degrees of Masonry. The Rite of Perfection consists of the First through the Fourteenth Degrees.

The Governing Body is now in place and we invite Grand Lodges world-wide to be in amity with us. Any Grand Lodge wishing to join us in amity please contact me.

Supreme Grand Commander XXXIII

Lineage of the Scottish Rite

The lineage of the Scottish Rite can be traced to a period from 1726, although some of its rituals may have a legacy dating to the 1600’s. There are early allusions to “Scottish” Masonry, i.e., degrees with a “Scottish” title, in manuscripts dating back to 1733. But the most likely beginning of the Scottish Rite can be traced to Bordeaux and Paris, France where the ritual basis for the second temple degrees can be dated to 1743. The establishment of the Chapter of Clermont in 1754 outside of Paris, by Chevalier de Bonneville, honoring the Duc de Clermont, then Grand Master of the English Grand Lodge of France, may have worked as many as 25 degrees during its four year period of existence.

The Chapter of Clermont was replaced by the Knights of the East and Emperors of the East and West, the latter becoming known in France as the Rite of Heredom during the 1750’s. This Rite organized the Rite of Perfection, comprising of 25 degrees, 22 of which were called the haut grades, or high degrees, with the three degrees of the symbolic lodge added.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scottish-Ecossais Rite

Welcome to the Grand Consistory Scottish-Ecossais Rite!
The Scottish-Ecossais Rite is considered more progressive on the matters of race, religion, sexual orientation or creed.
The newly forming Scottish-Ecossais Rite will give potential candidates a fresh view of what Free-Masonry and Scotch Free-Masonry truly is; Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. And teaches against hate and persecution yet to teach but men character, honor and truth.
The degrees Scottish-Ecossais Rite date from around 1744 and came from the Chevalier de Bonneville when he established a chapter of high degrees called the Chapter of Clermont or The Rite of Perfection, in honor of Louis Of Bourbon, Prince of Clermont, and at that time Grand Master of the fraternity in France.

Clermont Degrees

After the organization of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, Free-Masonry became very popular. It passed over the Channel to France in 1721 where numerous "side degrees" were developed. In 1740, Chevalier Ramsey, a Scottish nobleman, gave some famous lectures in Paris and Bordeaux on the origin and objects of Free-Masonry. He subdivided the "Three Degrees" and explained by his philosophic lectures. He established a Lodge which he called Harodim, but the French styled it Scotchman's Lodge Masonry.
The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France. In 1744, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in the Rite of Clermont in Paris a chapter of twenty-five "High Degrees" known as the Rite of Perfection.
This Rite was a refuge for the Stuarts of Scotland, which in fact may have had some bearing on the name Scottish Rite. The body established by Bonneville, including the three symbolic degrees, was called the Rite of Perfection. In 1754, these Degrees were taken by Marquis de Lernais to Berlin where they in the following year were placed under a body called the Council of the Emperors of the East and West, which was formed at Paris from the ruins of the Clermont Chapter.

Degree Conferrals

The Scottish-Ecossais Rite believes that each candidate should have the right to fully understand each degree through meaningful and impressive rituals, education seminars and discussions. If this is not accomplished the Rite has failed the candidate and dishonored the Order. Degree progression is not in a two day class yet it will take several years to receive degrees. The nature, meaning and the symbolism of each degree must be fully understood and when this is accomplished a Free-Mason will have the Light of knowledge that these degree teaches.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Consistory of the Scottish-Ecossais Rite USA

“The Grand Consistory of Scottish-Ecossais Rite USA.”
The degrees of Scottish-Ecossais Rite date from around 1754 and are based upon rituals from the Chevalier de Bonneville when he established a chapter of high degrees called the Chapter of Clermont, in honor of Louis Of Bourbon, Prince of Clermont, and at that time Grand Master of the fraternity in France.
Additionally the Council of Emperors of the East and West in 1758 took over these degrees. The Scottish-Ecossais Rite brings these degrees back under one Consistory; the Scottish-Ecossais Rite of French Masonry.
This Grand Consistory is not associated with the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction in any form.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Consistory

The New Consistory will be active this year. We are looking at starting the Fourth through Seventh Degrees soon. We will not have a degree mill making Scottish Rite Masons in 1.5 days. Each Degree will be performed and each section of degress will have education before any further degrees will be exemplified.

Those interested in becoming a part of this Rite within the USA should contact us.